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“CLHS’s personal attention plus the combination of services made our latest home buying experience so  much better than the previous ones” - Rob K, Austin
When it comes time to adapt your home to a new stage in your life, or when the old kitchen is just not cutting it anymore, it’s time to call in the professionals. Redesigning a home without experienced guidance on the right finishes and the right lay-out can cause you to miss out on the full value of your remodel, both financially and in enjoyment. Our in-house, trained designers at Cheryl Lynne’s Designs are ready to help you make your home a haven...   If the house you’re in is no longer the right fit, or if the cost and hassle of a remodel are just more than your family can handle, it’s time to go look for a new home. Buying, selling and renting real estate is something many people say they do better than everyone else. Yet invariably all they do is the same transactional paperwork everybody else does. The licensed realtors at Cheryl Lynne’s Realty will take care of the paperwork, plus are ready to help you stage or upgrade your current house to get maximum re-sale value. Likewise, we can help deal with inspection-defects, relocation and move-in issues.
If it’s time to upgrade your home to better match your lifestyle -- Cheryl Lynne’s Designs If it’s time to switch to a home that better suits your lifestyle -- Cheryl Lynne’s Realty
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